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Construction and industry

Sofco develops custom software such as inventory management, logistics software and invoicing software for construction companies and industrial companies. Sofco develops high-quality and sustainable software, which can always be expanded in the future, taking into account all your (possibly future) wishes.

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Sofco has developed a website for Freulich health, safety & safety. view the website of Freulich arbo & safety via:

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Sif Group bv works primarily internationally in the wind and offshore industry. The products are easy to describe but difficult to describe and visualize. We were looking for a website developer who could perfectly visualize Sif Group bv so that visitors to our site got a good impression of the company. Many providers were too light-hearted about this and thought they could develop a website for us by e-mail with a number of photos. Sofco, however, visited our company and as a result got an impression that is necessary to profile Sif Group bv in the right way. Very soon after their visit, a concept was delivered from which we immediately concluded that Sofco would be the right candidate for us. After a few minor adjustments, the website was delivered perfectly. Also the support afterwards (minor changes or temporary additions) were handled perfectly by Sofco. "

In short, Sofco is a party with which you can do business with confidence, we are in any case more than 100% satisfied with their knowledge and expertise but also with their service.

Fred Bruijnen
ICT Department
SIF Group BV - Roermond (NL)

  • We want to thank Sofco for the quick delivery, correct handling and excellent service with regard to building our website. We strongly recommend Sofco to fellow entrepreneurs who are looking for a good, reliable partner.

    Wendy Tobben - Owner

    Landhaus Alpenherz - Zillertal Austria

  • Sofco is a party with which people can do business with confidence, at least we are more than 100% satisfied with their knowledge and expertise, but also with their service.

    Fred Bruinen - IT department

    SIF-Group - Roermond

  • Their motto is that it has to be the best, ensuring good customization that also looks good. The challenge for Sofco makes them think along with you.

    Werner Klompen - Owner

    Madame Trudo - Roggel

  • Why did we choose Sofco? We worked together in 2003 on setting up a new layout for With this website we won the public award of the Webwijzer Award for government websites in that year.

    R. Schoemakers - Department of communication

    Gemeente Roermond - Roermond

  • There is very good thinking and supplementation by Sofco, in short excellent teamwork and results!

    William Joosten - Owner

    Masterlight - Panningen

  • Sofco is a good partner for companies that want more with their website, originally a Roermonds company, who know what they are talking about and know about it.

    Hein Timmermans - Owner

    Timmermans kantoren - Roermond

  • Defiance is always looking for ways to present itself in the design world. Statements on the web must be consistent with this, Sofco was the company that realized our wishes.

    Frank de Ruijter - Designer

    Defiance Design - Maasbracht

  • Thanks to Sofco's preparations, their experience and knowledge, the result is an all-encompassing website, a new Corporate Identity and a Real-Time Custom Dashboard that our customers work with very efficiently and effectively on a daily basis.

    Wim Verschuren - Owner

    Eye on Retail - Waalwijk

  • Sofco feels the customer flawlessly and can therefore act quickly. In short, we are extremely satisfied and we therefore heartily recommend Sofco!

    Sandra Bolderdijk - Manager Human Resources

    Sonetco - Roermond

  • From idea to design, from design to end product and also in aftercare, Sofco is there in every step and thinks along with you! Always quickly accessible and helpful. Highly recommended!

    Roel Rijks

    Monument of Tolerance - Heuthuysen