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Target audience

Established companies

Sofco has been offering their services to established companies in the region and beyond for more than 20 years. Sofco is also active in Germany and Belgium. Sofco develops professional websites for companies that need a lot of content, multilingual and possibly linked to (already existing) internal systems. Sofco is a specialist in linking applications to online environments. The advantage of system integration and links is obvious: the data is automatically and error-free which saves a lot of manual work and can prevent a lot of frustration.

Building such links is specialized work and requires extensive technical knowledge. There are often several options for integrating systems with each other. Sofco is happy to help you make the right choice and a successful implementation

Our specialty
Forwarding reports on websites to an existing ERP system
Delivery of platforms on which suppliers / buyers can connect
Expanding existing systems
Synchronizing database data
Reading from and posting on social networks
Expand existing applications with APIs and web interfaces
Linking back offices or websites
Linking CRM data to a website

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Joosten Lighting advice center

Joosten Lighting advice center

We, Joosten Lighting advice center in Panningen, have experienced the cooperation with Sofco as very pleasant. In a short time, Sofco has realized all our wishes for the new website of our lighting advice center. A nice house style and design and the latest marketing tools such as social media. In addition, they also provided photography for our website, with a great result. There is also very good thinking and supplementation by Sofco, in short excellent teamwork and results!

W. Joosten
Joosten Lighting Advice Center - Panningen (NL)