Sofco XXL Hosting - for companies that use a lot of data traffic and need more mailing lists

Secure hosting is of course paramount. A website must handle payment and personal data responsibly. With Sofco XL hosting this is arranged and you meet the Dutch and European AVG rules. In addition, Sofco XXL hosting offers more web space, more data traffic, more mailing lists and that for just a few euros more per month.

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Sofco XXL Hosting

Secure hosting is of course paramount.

A website must handle payment and personal data responsibly. Visitors and customers on your website naturally want to be able to do business with you without any worries. It is therefore important that your website is securely accessible to everyone. In addition, the AVG also requires companies to provide their website with the so-called SSL certificate, or that your website is provided with an https connection. Browsers such as Google Chrome also show visitors whether or not your website is safe to visit. If you meet this, you automatically earn a better ranking from Google.

Your website and contact form must be provided with an https connection from the European Union and the Dutch government. This protects the personal data of customers and visitors. You recognize a secure website immediately at the start of the address (https: //). With Sofco XXL hosting, your website is provided with a secure connection with an SSL certificate. Your customers and visitors will certainly appreciate this.

Backup tool
Ideal for larger websites that use more data traffic and / or need multiple databases. In addition, Sofco XL hosting offers a backup tool with which you can restore backups to 7 days ago. If necessary, our active help desk will be happy to help you with this.

Free webmail
of course you want to be able to receive your e-mail on any type of device. For this you can use the free web mail from Sofco in addition to your own e-mail programs. Sofco uses Roundcube, a webmail that is easy to manage and accessible wherever you have an internet connection, 24/7.

Features about our hosting
Secured with https
SSL certificate installed
AVG covered
Fast SSD hosting
Direct Admin management
MySQL database (s)
99.9% uptime guarantee
Automatic backup plan
Active support

Sofco Hosting packages

Sofco secure hosting Extra secure hosting including SSL and backups
Sofco SAFE

SSL certificate

10 GB of web space

5 GB e-mail space

20 GB of data traffic

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Sofco XL Most popular

SSL certificate

20 GB of web space

10 GB e-mail space

50 GB of data traffic

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Sofco XXL

SSL certificate

40 GB of web space

25 GB e-mail space

100 GB of data traffic

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Sofco PRO

SSL certificate

80 GB of web space

50 GB e-mail space

200 GB of data traffic

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All Sofco hosting packages use

  • CentOS 7 operating system
  • DirectAdmin Control Panel
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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