For companies and organizations that need large applications, multilingual websites and have high requirements with regard to management and links with existing systems.

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We develop custom software based on MVC

Sofco has developed a high-tech framework based on MVC for companies and organizations that need large applications, multilingual websites and set high requirements with regard to management and links with existing systems. Model-View-Controller (or MVC) is a design pattern that divides the design of complex applications into three units with different responsibilities: data model (model), data presentation (view) and application logic (controller).

Separating these responsibilities promotes the readability and reusability of code. It also means that, for example, changes in the user interface do not directly affect the data model and vice versa. This means that a lot of time and money can be saved on programming and the expansion of functionalities.

Applying the MVC model in the development of large applications has many advantages. The application becomes a lot clearer and easier to maintain, less complex because the data separates from the interface and the system. This separation makes it easier for a programmer to maintain an application. In addition, the separation also has the advantage that it is easier to work in large teams of developers and designers. The developers can program and test independently of the designers. In addition, you can work on the same application at the same time without influencing a colleague's code. Another very important advantage of this separation is that a developer only has to concentrate on one aspect of the applications.

The separation of the code makes it possible to reuse parts. Reuse of code has the advantage that less code and no duplicate functions have to be produced. Because of the separation it is also easy to make a new design for a large website or to present the same information in a different way.

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