Why you should choose Sofco instead of a large organization

It sounds cliché, but it's the little things that make the difference in the long run.

Shift faster

Sofco can switch much faster than most large companies can, for example changes are very slow at larger organizations. Even though an organization is open to new ideas, their implementation always takes a long time. Experience teaches; the more people work there, the more difficult it is to get something new through. At Sofco we work with fewer people and can therefore switch more quickly.

Short communication lines

Do you want to be in direct contact with the people who develop your application? Or do you want to be there? At Sofco you will receive a personal treatment and approach. At Sofco, customers are closely involved in the development, this ensures that you better know how your application works and you can indicate changes in time that relate to the operation of your application. This saves you a lot of time and money.


For many, quality is the reason why a small company is preferred over a larger organization. Smaller companies, such as Sofco, depend directly on your satisfaction. We therefore develop and maintain every website and / or application as if it had been developed for ourselves with a view to quality, durability, safety and speed. In addition to quality, Sofco considers user-friendliness of paramount importance.

Cost saving

Sofco inspires SMEs to grow and / or further automate online with the help of custom software and / or innovative cloud software solutions. Sofco advises, develops and supports its customers in this. We believe that software should adapt to the wishes and processes of our customers. With Sofco software, our customers can continue to work in their own way, but faster, more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Personal contact

In a large company, it can be difficult to get in touch with the desired person because of the hierarchy within the organization. With small businesses, you get to the person you want more quickly, regardless of their position. You often know the people in a small business personally, which makes you feel more connected to each other and to the organization. Because you communicate directly with the people who will develop your website or application, you can be sure that your wishes will be translated into well-functioning and beautifully designed products as you had in mind.


Larger companies are more complex and have more rules. These are laid down in numerous regulations for personnel. In small companies this has usually not yet been done (extensively), which means greater flexibility. Sofco employs its own people and works with various permanent specialized partners. This has the advantage that Sofco is a flexible company that can adapt its size to its assignments. These professionals are deployed by us on projects that perfectly match their specialism.


The advantage of doing business with a small company is that the people there are often more driven and work with a lot of passion. As a result, the people in a small company are often more professional. Where certain responsibilities in a larger company quickly fall outside the job description, they can become part of the job description in a small company. At Sofco we love a driven and passionate approach. Our customers regularly brainstorm with us to create new concepts or to take existing concepts to a higher level.


Creativity is made for us. It is a visual dialogue and requires empathy, feeling for the target group and, above all, having guts. Having a clear idea of the objective and translating that into beautifully designed products. Rules and habits are there to be consciously followed or broken. The people at Sofco think 'out of the box' and provide the visual identity for companies and organizations. Recognizable and distinctive. Creative and effective with a well thought-out process for new, relevant solutions that have a positive impact on companies, organizations, products or services.


Smaller companies have fewer fixed costs than larger organizations. Less staff, smaller premises, fewer large investments, it all affects the final cost price. As a result, the costs for services offered are often considerably lower for a smaller company. The growth at companies with the lowest costs is a lot more sustainable and is usually in better shape. Smaller companies often also have to deal with more competition and thus lower the asking price for their services. Sofco delivers high quality at affordable and competitive prices.

Pleasant atmosphere

You will immediately notice that there is a pleasant and cozy atmosphere at Sofco, which means that you will probably quickly feel at ease. , no expensive words, we do not like woolly talk but communicate as we call it in clear "workshop language" that can be understood by everyone. The peace that we find here has a major influence on the quality that people are used to from us.

What our clients think?

Our references are a tribute to our quality. Convince yourself and read what our customers write about us.


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