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Create an account for your company today and try Sofco online for 30 days for free. After the trial period is over you can make a choice about which subscription is the best choice for your company. If you no longer want to use, your account will be deleted without any costs.

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Action for starting entrepreneurs

One year free Sofco ONLINE PRO

Are you a starting entrepreneur and is your registration with the Chamber of Commerce not older than 1 year? Then you will receive the Sofco ONLINE PRO package for free for 1 year! Entrepreneurs who can prove on the basis of their Chamber of Commerce registration certificate that their registration is not older than 1 year, the subscription fee for the PRO package will be refunded to their account.

You are not committed to anything
After the first year has passed you will automatically be asked which package you want to keep using. You are therefore not obliged to take out a PRO package afterwards and you can also cancel. Your account will then be automatically deleted at no cost.

The benefits of Sofco Online

Sofco Online offers many benefits. You can access your accounting, invoicing and revenue statistics for you and your bookkeeper at any time from your PC, tablet or smartphone. Below the benefits that Sofco Online offers you.

You work in the cloud
You save a lot of time and money
You save your accountant a lot of time
You have a helicopter view of your company
You can make strategic choices more easily
You offer your customers the convenience of paying online
You receive your payments faster

You have more control over your debtors
You have more time for the things you love to do
You can better focus on your core business

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